Maree Bailey

Maree Bailey


Maree was diagnosed 10 years ago with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 42. Her dad and her aunty both had Type 2 diabetes and both lost limbs due to the disease. Maree requires insulin to treat her diabetes.

She is a mother of two adult children and 4 years ago made the tree change to a 100-acre property in the Wheatbelt region with 130 sheep! She and her husband are part time famers as their land isn’t big enough to farm full time and she supplements her income working at Aldi.

She has Certificate 3 as an Allied Health Assistant and has worked in a geriatric rehab ward at Fremantle Hospital (assistant to occupational therapist and physiotherapist)

Maree’s goal is to educate people with diabetes, their families and the community at large about diabetes and dispel some myths. She has already contributed significantly to this as part of Sanofi’s Medicine X program and will continue this with her invaluable contribution to Masterclass 2020.