Callan Beesley

Callan Beesley


Callan has worked for Terry White Chemist Coffs Harbour (Terry White Chemmart) for 12 years, starting out as the delivery driver/cleaner after school. Callan has worked in every section of the pharmacy over the years and is now the Pharmacist Manager.

He believes that developing relationships with patients through active education is the key to improving health outcomes. professional services such as vaccinations, HMRs and Meds Checks are the tools that he uses to build these relationships.

Callan is an active health promotor in the community, providing workshops and lectures to various community groups and clubs, including;

  • stepping on- a falls prevention program
  • breast buddies- breast cancer support services
  • plaza club- over 50s club
  • Coffs Harbour diabetes support services

He has also written articles/given interviews to local media outlets on various health topics and partnered with the local member of parliament to promote vaccine awareness in the community.

Callan’s long term goal is to own his own Terry White Chemmart Pharmacy and is currently working on developing his business/staff management skills under the guidance of mentor and employer Tanya Maloney.